8 Tips for working from home

1. Rhythm

Make sure you have made a work schedule at the beginning of the week in which you know exactly your short-term goals you want to achieve per day and which long-term goals you want to have achieved by the end of the week / period. It is also important to set the alarm clock at a “normal” time. By normal time, we mean the time you get out of bed when it is like an office day. In addition, dress like a normal working day, so this does not mean a jogging suit.

2. Environment

Your working environment at home is very important, make sure it is arranged in such a way that it works perfectly for you. Remove distracting things from your desk and create a quiet workplace if possible. We also understand that if you have young childen at home this could be difficult. Therefore, it is important to make agreements about when your children may disturb you. Make sure that your workplace is organized and tidy so that there is as little distraction as possible for you. Do you love music? Now there are no colleagues around you and you can hear your favorite artist all day long.

3. Active

Research has shown that people generally work most productively in the morning, the reason about this is that the inner energy is saved from the night before and fully available.

So, make sure that the work that costs the most energy or that you are most bothered with is arranged in the morning. In addition, holding short breaks is also recommended, but plan this in advance and stick to the time.

4. Sportive

Sport has been shown to have a positive effect on the mindset and working methods of staff for years. People who do a lot of sports generally deliver a lot of productivity and are often more creative. Our tip is to spend the travel time that you now have on in the morning to do a few exercises or that yoga class that you wanted to follow online as often (see tip 8)

5. Walking

Use the lunch time to take a nice walk. Spring is already in full swing and the sun can ensure that you can get back to work with good energy after the lunch break. Walking empties your brain and ensures that creativity will increase.

6. Food

Now that you work from home, your own refrigerator or candy box is also nearby. Rewarding or spoiling yourself is part of it, but make sure you don’t go crazy and set a limit to unhealthy snacks. Our tip: make a tasty fruit smoothie and do not hesitate to experiment with this, we would like to hear good ideas about this;)

7. (Board)games

Also take a moment to play a fun (board) game with your children or on your phone. Make sure you agree with yourself a time to get back to work and stick to it. Playing games creates distraction and makes you produce dopamine in your brain, which improves your mood.

8. Yoga

Yoga is very popular today among different target groups. This is because Yoga is very wide and can come in handy for different purposes. For example, research shows that Yoga is good for brain and body. Although yoga often does not seem like a great physical effort, it does provide a lot of energy and is very good for the human body. Our HR manager Rosanne Kweekel has been a Yoga teacher for years and has specially filmed a morning yoga class with which you can start immediately. You can also follow her lesson by the following link;




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